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Automatic Cartoning Machine

Automatic Cartoning Machine

Automatic Cartoning Machine

Approx. Rs 22.5 Lakh / Unit

We are the leading Manufacturer of Automatic Cartoning Machine and our product is made of good quality.


Automatic Cartoning Machine Consists of:

  1. Product checking.
  2. Carton picks - up.
  3. Code embossing.
  4. Carton erection by the knife blade.
  5. Leaflet pick - up.
  6. Product insert.
  7. Carton closure.

Suited to handle such items:

  1. Tubes
  2. Blister strips.
  3. Bottles.
  4. Vials.
  5. Ampoules.
  6. Droppers.
  7. Inhalers.
  8. Film rolls.
  9. Bearings.
  10. Soaps and many other products falling within the wide range of the machine either individually or in combination.


Automatic Cartoning Machine draws the carton from a magazine opens the carton, Inserts product and closes the carton by tucking in the flaps.

Product Infeed Custom built the automatic product infeed systems can be made available to suit your specific needs.

Product infeed systems help you in linking the Cartoner to your packaging/production line enabling you to automate the transfer of the product from Tube Filling Machine to the Cartoner.

Carton In-feed Oscillating suction pads extract the flat folded cartons from the magazine and open them. The tension in the carton is released by breaking back the fold before the tamper pushes it between the chain carrying fingers.

Mechanical side-flap openers, open the side flaps physically during the positioning of the carton in the carton chain.

Loading Continuous motion barrel loader pushers run alongside the product chain and push the product safely into the open carton.

If the carton is missing, the product will not be loaded.

An overload safety feature will stop the machine if a fault occurs during loading.

Closure: Two types of closing systems are provided, a tuck in system, and a glue application system.

Discharge: belts carry the completed pack safely out of the machine.

Leaflet insertion: An automatic insertion of pre-folded leaflets is also possible with a leaflet pre-insertion device.
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